About Us

BreezeEHR was founded by Dr. Jibran Atwi, a pediatrician and allergist. Dr. Atwi had a vision for software that was simple, sensible, powerful, and useful: software that could have a voice inside the diagnostic process. Unable to find such software in the market, he sought out some some like-minded individuals to realize his ideas. Breeze still has some path to tread before we can say we've realized those grand ideas, and we're excited for the journey ahead.

Contact Information

Phone : 1 337 366 0825

Email : sales@breezeehr.com

401 Youngsville Hwy Ste. 100
United States, Lafayette LA 70508

Dr. Jibran Atwi, MD


Tyler Tallman

Project Manager

Hunter Hutchinson


Francis Avila

Programmer/Data Specialist

Mazen Atwi


Bobby Faber

Apprentice Programmer